Photography - 500px

Excited to be asked by 500px, a large photographer community website from Canada to create an unique artwork for their merchandise. The first initial idea was to create a typographic word-cloud with the focus on the word “Photographer”. But when in process I wasn’t that sure about the final outcome of the word-cloud, it felt cheap and that is not what 500px stand for. The other idea what came to my mind using illustration around the word “Photographer” suited 500px way more and despite the fact I didn’t do much Illustrations in the past I felt more comfortable using this method for the final outcome. 

As you may have noticed the final outcome is slightly different from the first inked sketch. A few icons needed a change, removed or added and we decided to go with “Photography” instead of “Photographer” as it fitted the target-audience slightly better.  






Date: 03 August 2015 / Client: 500px / Role: Designer / URL: / Tags: artwork, custom, handlettering, handmade, icon, illustration, lettering, letters, photography, typography /