The Lease a Bike logo featured on the 2023 Jumbo Visma jersey.

January 16, 2023
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Lease a Bike partnered up with Team Jumbo-Visma (Winner Tour de France 2022) as a sub-sponsor, that means the Lease a Bike logo will be visible on the cycling jersey throughout 2023. 

Sketch and Digital example of the Lease a Bike logo

Together with the amazing Freshu we took on the challenge to redesign the Lease a Bike logo in 2021. We landed on a beautiful modern sans-serif word-mark with a clever touch on the "b" resembling the front side of a bike. 

logo with picture

If you live or visited the Netherlands, it is highly likely you came across a bicycle related sign (the blue cycle path sign is the most common).

I got inspired by the comparison I saw between the front wheel and fork of a bicycle, and the stem and bowl of the letter b. The challenge was to find a proper way to maintain the readability of the "b" without losing the shape of the bicycle wheel. 

To make the bicycle symbolism more pronounced, we revised the handlebar afterward. 

Shows how the b is created

Read more about the partnership between (English) and (Dutch)

Jumbo Visma shirt with the Lease a Bike logo
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