Frequently asked questions. For anything else, please ask. Design should be exciting and stress-free.

What services do you offer?
Design, redesign or refinement of a logo, in general anything type based, think of; logotype, letter mark, lettering, display font-face, with the extension of combination/brand mark design and visual identity setup. 
Do you also provide visual identity work?
Yes, in combination with a logo design it is possible to add a branding package, containing: logo guidelines, typography/color exploration and photography direction, bundled into a brand guide PDF. This is expandable with the addition of; stationary, social media design or something specific. 
How much does it cost?
To get a sense of cost, I need to know a few specifics. Send an email to telling me about your brand, your design budget, and what you'd like me to help you with. I can provide you a quote as soon as possible. 
Do you provide icon/short name optimization?
Yes, all logo projects have icon optimization as standard.
What is the usual time-frame?
It depends. I do aim for a 3/4-week period upon completion, I will always give a specific indication at the start of a project. 
I have sent an email, but didn't get a reply?
If you emailed, and you didn't get a reply within 1-3 business days, please try using instead or get in contact directly via LinkedIn

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