"I was surprised how well Paul managed to capture our feelings in to a logo. It totally matched our wishes and went beyond our expectations. Paul is super talented and I'd recommend him to everybody who's looking for a new (custom type) logo."
Martijn de Kuiper

"Paul made a logo for my small design studio. I gave Paul a lot of freedom in how the logo should look like, which I recommend you doing as well. He came up with some great ideas, but he’s also capable of making changes exactly how you want it to look like. His handwriting skills are phenomenal, I really love his style. I recommend Paul to every person who’d like to have a, let say, perfect handwritten logo. Such a talent."
Martijn Otter

"We used Paul to create our logo and it came out better then we could have ever expected. He kept us in the loop with great communication and little previews along the way. Wouldn't hesitate to use him again down the track."
Scott McVeay

"Paul is a real artist. You can feel the strongness and simplicity of his lines in every work. Also very serious, responsive and kind during the job."
Eduardo Rebouças

"We are based in New Zealand but decided to reach out and commission Paul to craft us a bespoke logo. From his very first communication he has been an absolute pleasure. We're bloody stoked with the results too! Kapai (that means well done in Maori) and thank you so so much!"
Michelle DeBono

"Through his capacity to capture the essence of a brand and translate it into powerful handwritten designs, Paul has built a reputation of an exceptional designer and typographer who can engage people with his custom designs. This was the experience I had with him designing my own personal logo, which has greatly enhanced the position of my own agency. Paul is a real professional and a pleasure to work with, I hope to work with him again and utilize his talents on future projects."
Jason Safir

"Brilliant, creative, talented, and passionate about his work. The entire process was stress free and Paul was more than happy to make any revisions for us until we got the perfect design. He takes the time to make his own personal revisions (which were always better) to help guide us during the process. Highly recommended!"
James Chu